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Residep’s perceived key aims for 2009 were to Add Value to our clients and their business, help you, our customers, save on your investments, get the tax deductions you are entitled to and build on our Business Relationships emphasising Trust and Professionalism. To deliver on our promise, be easy to deal with and good value for money.
It is important to involve experienced and professional service providers to your clients and team. We pride ourselves on delivering a service as promised and we would be delighted to assist you.
Maximising the performance of investment properties is always important and vital in these challenging economic times.
Having a professionally prepared Tax Depreciation Schedule is an important part of that process and is our speciality.
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I am a career property professional, having bought, renovated or built and sold 18 properties in the past 20 years personally, as well as being a self employed property specialist for 18 years. In that time we have assessed over 20,000 properties in the Greater Brisbane Region (Coast to Coast and Bay to Toowoomba).
Yes it is uncertain times, however, I am a ‘glass half full kinda fella’ and do see a bright future for our Region. Experience shows when timing feels most certain to the majority (ie When everyone else is buying) asset classes are heading to a peak and most of the profits have already been locked in by smart investors who bought counter intuitively. (If you ever renovate an old home, pull back the vinyl and read a few of the old newspapers – energy crisis (be it whale blubber or oil), political unrest, recessions, world wars etc etc. Then check the real estate section for prices!!. This is not meant to be flippant, but has relevance. Times recover and asset value growth returns).
I believe that South East Queensland and in particular the Greater Brisbane Region has many positive attributes. There are significant public infrastructure and capital spending programs continuing (jobs!); Real estate prices are cheaper now, in some cases, than they were 12 months ago; The cost of borrowing money has fallen rapidly and the rental market is still relatively strong.
New investors should be alert for the prospects of buying opportunities.
Existing investment property owners, rather than selling into a weak market, why not get a Tax Depreciation Schedule to maximise the property performance – to assist the process through to the next upswing period.
We at Residep want to assist you and your investor clients achieve the best results possible with their investment properties.
Yours Faithfully
Tony Wall




P.S. For your info I have also attached a snapshot of a summary of our interpretation of the past year in Market Activity and Price Direction.








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