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The cost of the Tax Depreciation Schedule is Tax Deductable.

We are so confident of the deductable benefits to be derived from a Tax Depreciation Schedule that we offer a guarantee in two forms.

Guarantee 1

If the total claimables detailed in the report are not 3 times greater than the cost of the schedule – we won’t charge for the schedule.

Guarantee 2

Please complete our checklist to confirm the likelihood of your property receiving claimables.

If you answer YES to Q1, 2, 3 and any of 4-10, we guarantee your claimable amount in the first full year alone will exceed that of the cost of the report, or else we won’t charge you!

You are probably missing $$thousands in claimable Taxation Allowances.

If you don’t have a Tax Depreciation & Allowances Schedule CONTACT US NOW to order a report.