The Valuation Report

"Professional, Concise, Detailed, Easy to Use"


 Wall Property Valuations offers accurate, independent, detailed and thorough residential property valuations that are backed by personalised service.

Our fees are competitive and we service a wide range of the Greater Brisbane area.

Starting from your first phone call, our friendly staff will help guide you by getting all the information in the first instance, to give you an accurate quote. Once we have all the details from you, we start work on the file straight away. Access is then arranged, to organise a mutually convenient time for the valuer to inspect your property.

During the Inspection :-

The property and allotment are fully inspected and recorded. Full inspections are conducted internally and externally. This is all noted and included in the detailed report.


The Report :-

Section 1 : Property Summary

This is a summary of :

  • Property Address and Title Details
  • Zoning
  • Site Area
  • Age of the building
  • The main building and the areas (living, patios / verandahs, car accommodation)
  • The environmental issues and essential repairs relating to the property

 Section 2 : Risk Analysis

This is an overview of the risks associated with the property and the market. There is also a 2 page explanation of these risks attached with the valuation report to ensure you fully understand what the possible risks are and what the valuer’s belief is in relation to your property.


Section 3 : Valuation and Assessment Summary

This details the interest valued, and the valuation figure. This figure is then apportioned into land and improvements. It includes a market rental value per week as well as a replacement insurance figure.


Section 4 : The Land

This is a description of where the property is located, the availability of local shops and how close public transport is. It details the site description and topography as well as the environmental hazards that might be relating to your property.


Section 5 : Main Building

This section details the accommodation and PC fixtures as well as the construction materials and the condition.


Section 6 : Ancillary Improvements

Ancillary improvements including the fencing, the driveway, the paths and retaining walls etc. as well as the condition they appear.


Section 7 : Additional Comments

This is where the valuer makes comments about the property and the general comments about the market.


Section 8 : Sales Evidence

This is a list of properties that have sold recently in the area. Sales Evidence is properties which have sold recently in the area it notes the sale price, date and a short description of what those properties are and how they relate to the subject. Included on this page also is photographs of the subject property.

 Once completed, the reports can be e-mailed or faxed with the originals in the post.


Click here for a Sample Valuation Report